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I came downstairs this morning and saw dry cat food all around the catbowl in the kitchen.

This is not normal for them so I figure there’s a visitor that wanted some of their food. I don’t envy that visitor, considering my cats past behavior on this matter. There’s been snow and rain recently so that would explain the desire to move indoors, HOWEVER a mouse seems extremely unlucky given the plethora of feral cats right outside my house front and back and I swear there are no wall openings coming from the houses on either side of me. The temperature outside is too low for the only likely bug to visit, PLUS I sprayed the bottom of my kitchen door last week when there was a spike in temp and it was right after a rainstorm.

This leaves only one kind of bug (ominous drum roll leading to old school radio drama organ chord blast): The malevolent mammal and reptile eating Killer Orchid Mantis.

This insect is so destructive and deadly it may not be an insect. Reports of this evil creature’s antics range from hidden whispers in dark alleys to candid assessment in highly touted educational institutions. Attempts to catch them are simply unknown as these otherworldly entities are expert chameleons. I know someone who personally saw one change from a bug into a grown man at a bus station late one night and she wouldn’t lie.

If these beings really do hail from some other dimension beyond our own, one can only surmise that the reason our population still exists is that there must be ANOTHER of these beings just as evil to keep the one we know in check. Small comfort there.

Alternatively, it could have just been a house centipede which my cats usually do mean things to before destroying. Lol.

Seriously, these praying mantises (link I was reading at bottom–check it out) are astoundingly beautiful. Considering their abilities, they are like the well dressed gangsters of old black and white movies. I wonder if the praying mantis talks like those old gangsters in their language. They should, we’ve developed several kung-fu styles based on their fighting techniques.

“It’ll be curtains for ya, see? Myeah, myeah.”


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