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I didn’t originally decide to write something about mantra word substitutes; I just wanted a mantra word for the title of this blog piece. Now I have to think about what I thought about just then while I was thinking of a title.

David Lynch talks about ideas and how they appear like fish in the sea. The deeper you meditate the deeper is the ocean in which the ideas swim.

I’m not in meditation right now but I feel very strongly that I shouldn’t ever talk about something that I don’t want to define. If we say/talk about/describe it, it stops, and now there’s a formula to get at it, etc. I don’t know why I feel this is correct – for me – I just do.

So let’s just say I was meditating even if I somehow think I wasn’t. I was in touch with it. I wasn’t swimming deep but I stuck my feet in. If I know that the ocean is deep enough to devour mountains, then why should I feel like my feet can only behold a depth of say, twenty meters?

I understand the idea that one can’t possibly be open to the benefits of meditation in a second – one has to commit to it. I’m just asserting that it is more than probable that one can keep their mind swimming in the background as long as you check on it from time to time. It’s the rest of the world that’s distracting us from going swimming, is it not?

So there’s no good to come of my saying that I wasn’t just meditating just now. I was in the water, that’s all you need to know. And in that water was something that made me think of mantras, which are as variable in definition as any animal, so mantras are now things that swim. Manta Ray = mantra. Those words got friendly pretty quick, didn’t they?

So if mantras are Manta Rays, then they’re swimming in the ocean. Are mantras ideas, or are they entities looking for ideas? Perhaps they need a mantra, or the sound/word/thing to emit in order to bring about the swimming, though it seems to me that the mantra doesn’t need to do that – it just does it. That’s why we need them.

Okay, so I was originally thinking that the concept of each person needing a special word given to them by some teacher/guru in order for them to go swimming in this ocean of consciousness is very, very unnecessary. There may be no doubt of a person needing a mantra (word/sound/thing/emittance), but it seems to me that this thing is alive in its own right, and there are many of them in the sea. The person who wants to go swimming with it just needs *that* one, not the same one every time.

And if I’m wrong, then the mantra I need just described itself to me. And it thinks of itself as morphing all the time. Or at least its view to me is that it’s morphing all the time.

So my mantra is a changing sound/chord/word/emittance to fit some occasion, the source of which may be under the water I’m aiming to swim in, so I may be interested in finding that out but need to be content with it being completely inconsequential to my interests unless I specifically hear otherwise and need to know more about it.

So mantra word substitutes is now a redundant expression. It’s just mantras now, since they are what I said they were.

The original fish that had my attention when I started this is gone. I wonder if it was the mantra to guide me here.mantaray1

I just saw an article about manta rays being the first fish to be self aware. They know what they’re seeing when they see themselves in the mirror. This blog is practically writing itself right now – I’m just trying to keep up with it.

It reminds me of a quote I read once: “we can’t tell you the words of the song; we just dance to it.” Don’t look up the name of the Mantra; just swim with it.


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