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In about 10 days, Sunday, Jan. 22 is the Lunar New Year and ushers in a rabbit. Also at this time a tiger will leave.

In what world is a rabbit scaring away a tiger? It must be because the tiger is being pulled away by something they forgot to mention, obviously.

I love the animal attachment but not a fan of the dates we’re stuck with. Personally, I like the idea of my new year beginning in the springtime (which the lunar new year is for China, etc.).

I feel a beginning/end association more with an equinox than a solstice, whichever direction you’re facing. The rains and the crazy fluctuations we get in temperature is the perfect transition to the end of a yearly cycle.

That said, one way friends of mine will anoint the new lunar cycle is to visit a local favorite Korean restaurant, order rice cake soup, dress up in rabbit cosplay, sing/dance the ancient rituals of ancient rabbits, and laugh amongst good company.

Oh, and the reason the tiger is leaving is high cholesterol from too much cheesecake.

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