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In the past couple of weeks, I read the first two books of the Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher, and the latest book of Kim Harrison’s Hollows Series, Pale Demon.

As with all of Kim Harrison’s books (I know, I know, that’s not her real name, but that’s the first name I knew so I’ll stay with it), I finished it by saying the word ‘Perfection!’ out loud.  The Hollows Series is, in my opinion, the best.  She brings the magic and wonder one might feel while reading the Harry Potter series, and puts it into today’s world, in an adult format.  There’s more that I can say here, but I won’t as it would spoil things for those still reading it.

Suffice to say that the story and those characters *affect* me on a personal level.

I was also getting into the Dresden Files in a similar way, where I wanted to defend the protagonist myself, and getting pissed off when things didn’t work out well for him.  Only the best books bring this out in me, but it’s also a hint that I might be getting too burned out on it and have to jump to another author, series, etc.

Oh, and I registered for the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference in June. I guess I’m making a statement, in a way. I have a lot to do between now and then.  It’s times like this that I wish my fulltime job was only twenty hours a week.  Or I only needed three hours of sleep per night.


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