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So I had said that there’s nothing like a deadline to make you effective.  A deadline where people are coming over and you have to have a home that’s worthy of human consumption.

Well, the deadline was today, and the people playing the role of making me responsibly effective are my veterinarian and assistant.  This is the first year that they’re doing house calls, and I wasn’t going to let them in today without picking up and cleaning up around my place…enough work to make me hurt waking up this morning.

Anyway, they cancelled because they’d be driving through rush hour plus snow, and I didn’t complain.  Just gives me more time to finish going through my archeological dig of an apartment.

Note to self: don’t try to carry four boxes of books upstairs after running 2.5 miles.  It’s because of that we’re not running tonight!

At least the heavy work is out of the way.  Now, it’s just piece-meal.

Saw another Luther episode last night.  I’m really enjoying the dark nature of the storylines, as well as the tension between Alice and Luther, although I might be the only one thinking that.


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