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[me] I’m officially tired of the snow! No more!

[Mother Nature] (smiles) 3 more storms, sweetie. 😉

[me] (pauses a moment) Yes, ma’am.

(showing extreme maturity and wisdom–you never mess with Mother Nature)

In other news, I just finished two C.J. Henderson books and loved ’em both…Brooklyn Knight and The Things That Are Not There. I had taken a break from Lovecraftian tales (is Cthulhian a word? It is now.) and am happy to get back with it.

Will begin reading Soulless by Gail Carriger next. I’m told that the protagonist of that story is my ideal soulmate. We shall see, I’m still in love with Ivy from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series.

Other than that, I’m behind in most things, I think. I think I’m still starting the new year. HA.


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