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I’ve discovered the British show Luther, which adds nicely to the list of Criminal Minds, CSI-NY, NCIS, etc. that I’ve been watching.

I’ve only seen the first two shows, but I like it so far.  I like the fact that it’s in England, which is a change from all the American shows I’ve been watching.  Luther’s a bit on the edge, which doesn’t hurt a detective character either.  Probably a bit more on the edge than the other shows I’ve seen, but I like it.

Changing the genre completely, I queued up the first season of Downton Abbey for me to watch, after being told by many that it’s all that.  It sounds intriguing, though not my normal cup of tea.

I wonder what TV shows the characters in my book are watching, and if I could stand it.

On that note, I started them blogging once again.  Hope I stick with it this time.

Ran last night, then watched Luther for 2 hours.  Can’t repeat that tonight…have to clean up the archeological dig that is my apartment.  Nothing like having someone over to really get you to clean up.


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Some updates since the last I posted in here…

Mike Carey (of Felix Castor series) is now one of my favorite authors; I’m caught up with the series and now have to wait impatiently for the next one to come out.

I got a Kindle Fire, making me an e-reader reader.  It took a little while to get an e-book that I knew would give me the page-turning experience I needed to get into the device.

I love the fact that it’s also a tablet running android since my phone is also android.  So, NOW, I can read books on my phone, kindle, and my pc if I wanted to.  And they all remember what page I was on.

Curling up with a good book was taken to a new level with the Kindle Fire because of several reasons.  One, it has it’s own backlight – meaning you won’t have to turn any lights on when reading.  This is important because when you’re falling asleep and you get up to turn off the lights so you can have a nap, you end up not because now you’re awake.  With the Kindle, you just fall asleep, the book turns itself off and when you get up again you start reading again.  I did that for several hours one wintry day.

On the downside, I almost ran out of battery while at the laundromat, which would have sucked because I would have been stuck without a book to read for twenty minutes.  A felony at the laundromat.  I have to make sure I bring the power cable for certain occasions like that.

Been eating better this year which was one of my new year’s resolutions.  All isn’t perfect but I’ve been getting my nutrition through food, so that’s good.  I haven’t done as much running as I wanted to, but I have done some each week. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of fasting one day a week, followed by a juice fast the next day.  I figured Mondays were a good day to start with the fast.  Fail.  I had a headache and finally ate a bowl of soup around 1:30 today.  Then I needed a mountain dew to give me some caffeine because the headache didn’t go away.  Finally, I needed some doritos because it’s comfort food and technically I didn’t do so bad…see how easy the rationale breaks down?

We’ll see how the week goes.  More on this topic later.

I’ve been reading a John Le Carre novel because I really felt I needed to read one of his since I love the spy genres.  Having a real hard time with his style of writing in A Perfect Spy.  I just got the movie on NetFlix, thinking that watching that might help me with the novel because I’m just not into it and I don’t like putting a book down.

And lastly, I’m watching early seasons of NCIS, CSI NY, & Law & Order –
Criminal Intent.  I already watched the whole of Criminal Minds up to a few episodes ago.  I’m thinking a lot of how a paranormal element would do with any of these shows.

Much more on that topic later.

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