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I’ve always been a real fan of software that connects to the internet for things, rather than using a web page to do it. I like to use my web browser for doing exactly that, browsing the web. For stuff like email, I like to use software dedicated to that task.

Now I’m blogging to my wordpress site without a browser. It’s called Live Writer, and I had to upgrade my computer’s OS several times, light some candles, and chant some quaint colloquialisms along the way.

This is my first post with it, so we’ll see how it goes.

Oh, to answer my last post, I was wondering what my characters were eating. I think that’s the sort of topic that will probably be a regular feature in my blog, but for now, I think there’s got to be at least one character that is crazy about balancing veggie with non-veggie.

Like, one of my characters will have something ridiculously bad for you, but only have half the sandwich. Then order another half of sandwich with veggies on it. Other chars. would probably raise an eyebrow from time to time, wondering how crazy this character is…gotta be one of my female chars, I’m thinking, because none of my male chars would care so much.

My protagonist is definitely wondering if her Aunt is going to buy the industrial strength KitchenAid mixer this weekend. Probably because I myself am going to get one. Winking smile


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