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I’ve discovered the British show Luther, which adds nicely to the list of Criminal Minds, CSI-NY, NCIS, etc. that I’ve been watching.

I’ve only seen the first two shows, but I like it so far.  I like the fact that it’s in England, which is a change from all the American shows I’ve been watching.  Luther’s a bit on the edge, which doesn’t hurt a detective character either.  Probably a bit more on the edge than the other shows I’ve seen, but I like it.

Changing the genre completely, I queued up the first season of Downton Abbey for me to watch, after being told by many that it’s all that.  It sounds intriguing, though not my normal cup of tea.

I wonder what TV shows the characters in my book are watching, and if I could stand it.

On that note, I started them blogging once again.  Hope I stick with it this time.

Ran last night, then watched Luther for 2 hours.  Can’t repeat that tonight…have to clean up the archeological dig that is my apartment.  Nothing like having someone over to really get you to clean up.


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I’ve been recently told that I would meet my soulmate in Gail Carriger’s book, Soulless.

After getting into it, I have to say it’s correct. Alexia Tarabotti, an independently-minded, rebellious spinster with a love of knowledge, good food, and walking off said good food. I don’t care if she doesn’t have a soul.

Interestingly, the last book I read was C.J.Henderson’s Brooklyn Knight, featuring Piers Knight, another protagonist with a fine appreciation of cuisine.

I’m easily seeing the two of them together, though part of me is a little miffed that I was pitting Alexia and me together at the start of this post.

Not that it matters, regardless of the fact that I’m much more capable of actually cooking some of that good food myself, Piers’ more than working knowledge of magic, my being more more tactful in company, Piers’ better standing in society as far as pairing with Alexia…

The guy that appears to be the one for Alexia eats people like me and Piers for breakfast. Literally.

Anyway. It makes me wonder about the characters in my book, and what meals they’re cooking up or eating now.

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